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Went running today; I started running again a month or so ago but haven't been steady about it, so it's been a couple weeks since my last outing. Today was pretty good: 4.12 miles in about 38:45, which comes to around a 9:24 mile, perfectly good for being way the hell out of practice. Here are the songs (from my new-used iPod, a hand-me-sideways gift from my friend Debby) which managed to sync up acceptably enough with my running pace on various inclines and levels of exhaustion, included here mostly for my own future running-mix reference:

Dum Dog Run, "Let's Go" (from a Cars tribute album)
Leonard Cohen, "A Thousand Kisses Deep"
Aimee Mann, "Today's the Day"
The Pipettes, "Pull Shapes"
Robyn Hitchcock, "If You Were a Priest"
The Wombats, "Lost in the Post"
The Wombats, "Backfire at the Disco"
X, "I'm Lost"

Meme I am now obliged to post

Secret secret meme, from nonelvis. Post a comment and I'll send you the list of "Person on your friendslist who..."-type things which generated this list. Ostensibly if you comment you're then supposed to post the meme yourself. Frankly I always feel guilty causing memes to proliferate, so do what you will. As if I'm going to chase you down if you renege.

1. callyperry
2. tomasybella
3. Unfortunately, David Byrne and Neil Gaiman are not on my friendslist.
4. badlysocialized
5. bourbon_cowboy
6. mrgoodluckbear. Exotic to me, anyway, since they involve the business world, which to me is like a whole other universe that I hear sometimes people in suits go to.
7. I don't really associate with that sort, as far as I know.
8. Who wouldn't I have been? Isn't that why we're friends now?
9. This implies that I don't already do this with people.
10. mizchalmers
11. Only seems to? That sounds judgmental.
12. Well, that could be a lot of people, but I'll give it to princess_hang5 since I've known her the longest.
13. rhodri. (He plays keyboards for Scritti Politti. Well, it's impressive to me.)
14. columbina (since I assume the virgule implies "both")
15. You seem to think I have a lot of time on my hands.
16. cazique. Please don't take that the wrong way. It's the cigars.
17. selinker. Still hasn't lost that sense of wonder about everything.
18. dailyada
19. wesleyjenn
20. mmancuso
21. I guess that would be jagpatel, right?
22. Please speak English, meme.
23. Peter Gordon is also not on my friendslist.
24. Well, he/she hasn't killed me yet, despite longstanding on-his/her-bad-side-ness. I might be in the clear.
25. You must think I was born yesterday, meme.
26. See #25.
27. My cat Twyla.
28. rikchik. As Rikchik.
29. Sorry, too busy.
30. Memes are a blight upon the world. I apologize.

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Just posting because I'm stoked about logging my fastest crossword solving time yet: two minutes even on a Monday Times puzzle. (The July 30th puzzle -- yes, I'm running a bit behind.) My handwriting isn't even all that much crappier than usual.

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Music meme from parisgarters: Copy this list; leave in the bands you've seen perform live; delete the ones you haven't, and add new ones that you have seen until you reach 25. An asterisk means the previous person had it on their list. Two asterisks means the last two people who did this before you had that band on their list, etc.

1. Neko Case*
2. The Magnetic Fields*
3. The Polyphonic Spree*
4. Corn Mo*
5. Yo La Tengo***
6. Jonathan Richman*
7. They Might Be Giants
8. Pere Ubu
9. The Fall
10. Television
11. Robyn Hitchcock
12. Amy Rigby
13. The New Pornographers
14. Ted Leo and the Pharmacists
15. Jane's Addiction
16. Rush
17. Pixies
18. Mission of Burma
19. Andrew Bird
20. Bill Frisell
21. Aimee Mann
22. Joe Jackson
23. David Byrne
24. Elvis Costello
25. Richard Thompson

Whoa now

I know Flickr has some sort of system to determine whether it thinks a picture contains adult content, and I don't really know how it works, but I guess I somehow assumed it would prevent guy-on-guy blowjobs (and, indeed, all blowjobs) from appearing in "Everyone's Photos" on my front page. Glad my work computer doesn't directly face anyone.

Iambic improv

From the signing-off-before-getting-into-bed portion of an IM chat with ennirol:

I pray thou dost intend to fall upon
thy back, so easily to dream at that.
For I am not so certain that I shall;
I have a side more trained to bear my weight.

I too am wont to sleep upon my side
Except upon the couch, where pillow's pinch
Doth dam the blood that courses thro' my neck
And bring an upward-facing slumber forth.

Hie thee from that damned place: it chafes!

And always I neglect to shut the light.